7 steps to make your timetable in a simple and easy way!!!
Down here, there is a step by step guide to help you make your school timetable in a simple and easy way using Cronos. Before starting, you need to be registered in the Cronos Timetable. If you are not, please register clicking here.

In this step you must select the days of the week and the number of lessons per day. When you click on "Update Grid", Cronos will show an example of how the session was registered.

It is important to know that the break must not be registered. The same process has to be repeated for the other sessions, if there are any.

In this step you will register the courses you have.

Examples: Elementary School, High School, Administration.

In this step you will register the subjects, inserting the name.

Examples: English (ENG), Mathematics (MATH), Physics (PHYS).

In the 4th step you will register the grades. In the registration will be asked for the Name, Course, Session fields and their respective lesson schedule.

Note that at this time, the schedules registered in the session (step 1) are available to be marked.

After registering the grades, you will inform the number of lessons per subject of each grade. Do this using the "Register Subjects" button. In this moment select the subjects of the grades and inform the lessons per subject quantity.

Note that the final sum must equal the number of marked lessons in the grade entry. So, if you selected the 5 schedules from each day, the sum of lessons must equal 25.

Even if your institution has more than one class per grade, you can register only one grade, and connect later to the classes (description in the 6th step). The different classes' registration will only be required if they have different lessons schedules.

This is one of the most important steps in the system. Here you must register your institution's teachers, informing the name, the sessions they work and the subjects they teach.

The definition of subjects that the teacher teaches also can be done via the "Register Subject" button.

In this step you also must inform the teacher's time off using the "Time Off" button.

If you have arrived here your timetable is almost done... It is missing a few things to make your school's timetable complete!

This is the moment to register the classes. For this entry you must inform the Class' name, the Course and its Grade.

It is in this step that you have to select the teacher that teaches the subjects in each class. This association must be done via the "Register Subject / Teacher" button.

Now that you have already registered all the necessary information it is time to verify if everything if correctly registered.

For this the system offers three kinds of reports that will help to verify any possible mistakes.

Institution's Registered Data Report:

With this report you can check the teachers and subjects allocated to each class.

It is possible to see if any teacher is teaching more lessons than they can. For example, if any teacher is teaching 10 lessons but they have only 8 available schedules. In these cases the teacher will be marked with an orange color.

Teacher's Time Off Report:

With this report you can verify the days that have too much time off. If it happens, you will need to change some vacancies to try to balance the days.

Another important thing to notice at this time it is if you have the minimum number of teachers for each lesson schedule. For example: if you have 4 classes, you need to have, at least, 4 available teachers in each lesson schedule.

Now that you have done all the steps...

It is time to generate your timetable! You just have to go to the Timetable menu >> Generate Timetable.

Done!!! After a few minutes your timetable will be available for you to see.

In case you cannot see your timetable, check the Plans that you have.

Just remember that generating school timetables is an incremental process, so, a timetable is never equal to the other, this way, if you cannot find a great solution on your first timetable, keep generating new ones, until you find the best option!
The system also allows the user to share their generated schedules, through an access link.

And remember, the Cronos' team is always able to help you if you have any questions! Contact us!