Frequently Asked Questions
It is a web based system for Schedule Generation. Cronos uses an intelligent algorithm to make timetables in a easy and quick way considering subjects, grade, classes, teachers and the main constraints. The schedules can be made for schools, universities and other institutions like language schools, etc. Being a web based system it does not need to be installed and can be accessed from anywhere.
In Cronos's Home / Main, click on "Sign Up" (or here) and fill in the required fields (Name and user's E-mails, Institution's Data and a Password). At the end, click on the Confirm button. To access Cronos, just fill in your registered E-mail and Password and click on Sign In on Cronos's access page.
No. Being a Web Based System you do not need to install anything on your computer. Besides this, the system can be accessed from anywhere, at any time of day, using the Internet.
The Cronos Timetable is new on the market, but, it has many advantages in relation to its competitors. See some of them:
- No installation: To use Cronos, you do not need to install any program on your computer.
-No payment for the System: you do not pay for a system or any kind of license, but only for the schedule generation service.
- Available on the Internet: Cronos can be accessed from anywhere and at any time of day, using the Internet.
-Simple data updates: The data recording is made once and in each year or semester you just have to update them.
- Easy to use: Cronos has the main existing constraints, making the user's life easier when inputing information.
Cronos considers the main constraints in scheduling generations.
- Teachers' schedule conflict: two different teachers cannot be in the same lesson on the same class and same time;
- Teachers' Time off: it is when a teacher cannot be in lesson in a determined time;
- Class' unavailability: it is when a class does not have lesson in a certain time;
- Doubled Lessons: when two or more lessons of the same subject are allocated sequentially;
- Windows: Windows formation (vague schedule) in teacher's timetable;
- Single lessons: classes isolated in the teachers timetable;
- Controls the movement of teachers (in the case of 2 different offices);
- Controls class timing when classes start at different times; etc.
Yes. For this you just have to register up to 3 classes in your schedule. The Free plan allows you to show until 4 schedules in a single session.
Depends on the plan chosen by the user. Check this in the link Plans, in Cronos' Main, the available plans. Most users generate more than one timetable to make a better decision about a timetable in each session for the Institution.
A huge concern of Cronos is about registered data security. Each institution has access only to its own information. In relation to payment forms we use the payment platform PayPal, that ensures total security and secrecy of the data. Yes, the data is registered in the system to be used next years, which makes the user's life a lot easier.
Yes. After accessing the system, click on the Help menu and then "Contact". Cronos has the following support channels: E-mail and on line Chat.
Mostly in the beginning of the school year (or semester), Cronos may be a bit slower to make your timetable. However, if Cronos does not make your timetable in more than 3 attempts, please contact the Cronos' services. In case the system shows any error, please contact the Cronos Support team.
Yes. After Accessing the system, click on the Help menu and next in "Help".
In order to give information about Cronos, you can send your comment to Cronos' Blog. Another option, is to send an e-mail to Cronos' service or use the Contact link on the Main page.
Check the available plans to use Cronos in the Plans link, on Cronos' Main. In case the user make a payment and wishes to update its plan, will pay only the difference. Cronos uses the PayPal system. This way, the user will have access to follow payment forms: Credit Card and Direct Debit and in a very secure manner.
Yes. Cronos imports the data of sessions, courses, subjects, teachers, restrictions, grades and classes in XML format. Cronos also exports the generated timetable in XML format. For more information, login to Cronos, click on the Institution menu and then on "Import" to access the PDF Integration Manual.
It is not common, but if this is the case, the rejection reason of the payment is confidential between you and PayPal Website. Our systems are independent and we, Cronos, do not have access for this. Please contact Paypal to solve your problem.